Cisco Validated Design Guides

In the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) group, a team of engineers wrote documentation about their own designs. We moved the engineers to a simple, custom Word environment and automated most of the layout process. Importing Word docs into InDesign decreased the typical layout cycle for a single guide from 7-14 days to 24-48 hours and reduced PDF layout costs by more than 60%.

Sourcing in a simplified Word environment allows the group's engineers and partners to start writing immediately and easily, without a lot of training or tools overhead. And now that their source is in Word, they can publish to virtually any medium.

Services Provided

  • Built custom Word authoring envirvonment
  • Designed print and digital deliverables
  • Edited content and created conceptual art
  • Produced and QA'd final PDF files
  • Lent use of our cloud-based file management, workflow, and bug tools