Buckeye Associates is a shop, not an agency. Our staff is accustomed to working together. And our being an established shop allows you to easily leverage our services and tools as much or as little as you need. You don't need to maintain stables of random writers, editors, artists, or designers, and you don't have to pay them for "bench time" when work is slack. We'll scale our personnel to meet your needs. Likewise, you don't need to build your own file management, bug tracking, or workflow management tools from scratch. You can borrow ours. You can even use our existing editorial style guides and QA processes.

Documentation Projects

Quality documentation reduces product support costs, improves sales, and can be an important way to engage your customers. Unfortunately, it's often squeezed out of tight development cycles with overworked engineers. Buckeye Associates excels in that environment. We can help you implement a documentation plan that emphasizes best practices and avoids common pitfalls. Our experts can streamline your existing processes or recommend new tools to maximize productivity.

Creative Direction

We also provide creative direction and graphic design services that complement your brand and address the needs of your organization's documentation or marketing strategy. Our creative team is experienced with a variety of print and digital media, including advertising, branding, web design, HTML email, point-of-purchase display, collateral, direct mail, and integrated marketing campaigns. Whether you have an existing brand or you'd like our help to establish one, our copywriting and art direction services can take your projects full-circle from creative inception to polished deliverable.

Project management services provided:

  • Evaluating audience needs and responding to user feedback
  • Creating a doc plan that prioritizes tasks; defines scope, schedule, and staffing requirements; projects costs; and sets realistic expectations for upper management
  • Providing creative direction and design services that increase usability and complement your brand
  • Ensuring consistency and quality across deliverables
  • Automating processes to improve efficiency
  • Building custom tools and lending use of our inhouse tools
  • Quickly adapting to changing environments

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Cisco SBA

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