Cisco Smart Business Architecture Guides

The Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) group sought a partner to help keep their writers from getting bogged down in documentation tools and processes. SBA and Buckeye divided the duties down the middle. They handled writing, testing, and technical reviews of the content, and we owned editing, art, custom tools development, quality assurance, and layout. They leveraged our cloud-based file-management, workflow, and bug tools. We also conducted research and development for the organization, resulting in wireframes, a link-forwarding database, a feedback mechanism, and guide variations in iBook, HTML5, and ePub formats.

Services Provided

  • Built custom Word authoring envirvonment
  • Developed style guide and edited content
  • Conducted writing classes
  • Created conceptual art
  • Produced and QA'd final PDF files
  • Lent use of our cloud-based file management, workflow, and bug tools
  • Built customer feedback mechanism and link-forwarding tool